Fairy Tales

The effect

  • children and adolescents experience cultural diversity that they can see, hear, and feel.
  • prejudices are dispersed and superseded by positive views with a new-found interest in other cultures.
  • by experiencing stories as an intermediary to reading, children receive access to education and knowledge.
  • a strong imagination is the thing personalities are made of; self-conscious people will shape tomorrow’s digital world of work and labor.

Fairy tales, the door to education and tolerance

Fairy tales stand for tradition, childhood, and imagination and excel both as an effective bridge between and an efficient broker of various cultures. Experiencing the roots of others’ identities enables us to empathize with the beauty of other ways of life, however different they may be or feel. Our fairy tale project is designed to give children, adolescents, and parents the opportunity to experience the joys of engaging in their own culture while accessing new ones.

Our long-term goal is to open a fairy tale park in Wilhelmsburg, a neighborhood located in Hamburg, Germany. Why here? Because Wilhelmsburg is a cultural melting pot with over 80 nationalities represented and has long been both a focus of discussion and the locus of Hamburg’s highest crime rate. Developing an understanding for other cultures is in demand here more than ever. And because political policies to-date have not proven effective enough, the Courage Initiative Foundation is looking to initiate a creative change in course.