Supporting Partner

A special thanks to our partners who donate a large portion of their proceeds to the Courage Initiative Foundation to help children.

Wanda Schmidt-Bohlens

sewn bags, key ring pendants, toiletry bags, seat protectors, etc.

Andrea Pankow - Kaffeezauber Reinbek

Coffee from around the world and through our partner, Café Thopia, a private roaster. We turn coffee into a quality product, both tasty and healthy. An experience. And it makes no difference whether you enjoy your coffee at home or in our quaint establishment. We can help you find the right coffee and can offer you so much more! Our establishment has more than just our café and delectable cakes, it has tea from Hamburger Teespeicher, spices from the “1001 Gewürze,” a local Hamburg establishment, drinking chocolate, Belgian confectionaries, and gifts.

Stop by and see for yourself.

Thomas Thiel-Hegmann

New-Eyes-Art is founded on the idea of creating new ways of looking at every-day things that have been disposed of. New-Eyes-Art is useful art. Its creations are just asking to be used.

Michelle Wallace

Natural cosmetic products from Morocco and Senegal, made with 100% pure argan oil