A future for the past

Fostering children and adolescents is a matter close to the Foundation’s heart, whether it be fostering them in the development of their potential, in the discovery of their strengths, in learning to trust in their opportunities, in finding the courage to engage in critical dialog and to develop their own views and opinions: learning to listen to their own heart and developing their own imagination and creativity.

Fairy tales

Vivacious children for a vivacious future

Societal cohesion has to be part of whatever we pass on to the next generation. But what if no one is seeing to the people who will be determining and shaping that generation? The Courage Initiative Foundation supports people wherever their families can’t and wherever children have no parents or guardians.

Trips to Wonderland

Committed action, tangible success

The Courage Initiative Foundation seeks not only to offer perspectives to young people, it also seeks to challenge adults with new ways of thinking and examples of impressive personalities. What paths will lead us to a healthy society? And above all: where are the people who are already implementing their vision of a better world?

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